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Innovative Solutions

Custom IT services and solutions built specifically for your business.

IT-Serve Qatar is an early adopter of new technologies, we pride ourselves in implementing Innovative solution. A key ethos of IT-Serve Qatar is to use Innovative Solutions in order to be able to recommend it to our clients. For IT-Serve Qatar to evaluate any Innovative Solution, it must fulfill Two key parameters, One, it has to make a function or process faster and better, thereby increasing productivity. Two, it has to be stable and easy to use.

IT-Serve Qatar does not try and become a distributor but over more than 13 years, manufactures have asked us to evaluate and help bring Innovative Solution to the market. These Innovative Solutions covers from ERP to unique Collaboration tools, from Wireless presentation to Workflow.

As important as a unique product can be, IT-Serve Qatar also realizes that it has to be easy to use and should anything go wrong, we must be able to apply our award-winning services to resolve it.

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A key part of the IT-Serve Qatar strategy, Collaboration is very important, allowing us to utilize our massive wealth of information to resolve Technology issues and find solutions. Using our collaboration wall in our boardroom, has been the best investment we have done in 13 years. This has increased our time to resolution, new projects and even helped clients understand a specific roadmap by engaging all the relevant resources. Please contact us for more information.



Wireless presentation has become not just nice-to-have but a necessity. In IT-Serve Qatar, plugging and un-plugging TV connectors has resulted in broken laptops and bent cables, rendering them unusable. But a Wireless presentation device must be easy to use, stable and importantly, must be secure and easily manageable.

Please contact us for more information.

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Productivity is a cornerstone of all our clients including ourselves. Employees is our greatest asset but also the most expensive combined with the cost of office space. But in order to improve productivity, you would need to be able to measure it and IT-Serve Qatar can help do this. By installing discrete devices in under office desks and meeting rooms, IT-Serve Qatar can help map usage, thereby maximizing space and utilization - in the Cloud of course.

Please contact us for more information

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Gone are the days where a simple Excel could provide all the necessary information to run your company. Nowadays with VAT, logistics, CRM and stock, it is imperative that the information is available, easy to use and in the Cloud. In our opinion, an ERP system should be built to integrate seamlessly and create synergies with popular Microsoft technology. It should be designed to fit easily and smoothly into your cloud IT-ecosystem. Also, an ERP system should be deployed as a standard ERP system, but be designed as a modular, flexible solution that allows easy customization of fields, indexes and screen layouts. Please contact us for more information.



Kiss goodbye to double bookings. Make the most of your meeting room resources and staff time. Simple online booking and room-side displays. Match meetings to room facilities. Single site, multi-site and international.

  • Schedule meeting rooms and equipment on your mobile, through a browser or in Outlook. Give meeting organizers tools that add value to your Exchange and O365.

  • Digital signage at room-side and in reception. Integrates with Exchange, O365 and Google Apps. Book, confirm, end or prolong meetings on-screen.

  • To get a real feel for why the booking system/meeting room manager system always get rave reviews from users.

Please contact us for more information.



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