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Internet of Things Solutions

IT Serve Qatar has solutions and services focusing on The Internet of Things (IoT) that connects smart sensing devices such as everyday consumer devices and industrial equipment to enterprise networks, enabling information gathering and management of these devices via software to increase efficiency, enable new services or achieve other health, safety or environmental benefits.


IoT solution deployments enable improved services to the public through the deployment of Smart sensors and provide rich data creation and marketing opportunities and new experiences for consumer-based areas such as wearable’s and Smart Cities, as well as Industrial Solution 4.0.

These architectures push smarter devices closer to business and consumers for real-time data analysis and processing.

Ensuring the Protection of these smart systems and endpoints is still emerging and organizations are finding it extremely challenging due to the sheer number of devices expected to be deployed and the extension of corporate services and Critical Infrastructure into The Cloud.


IoT devices which is actively being deployed also presents many opportunities for cyber-attackers to exploit globally.


We currently work actively with the below mentioned solutions.





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