We assist businesses of all size with devising, evaluation & implementation of strategies for growth, sustainability & transformation

The speed of globalization, the rate of change in technology, and growing economic interconnections are challenging traditional approaches to develop strategy. Yet strategy is more necessary than ever!

Do you have a clear & winning business strategy?

Does your strategy guide how you allocate resources?


Can every employee articulate your strategy, and do they have what they need to execute it?

Most organizations conduct some type of annual strategic planning exercise, which represents a significant investment of leadership time and focus.


Unfortunately, too often that effort fails to define a strategy that is actionable, represents new thinking, and ties to annual planning.

ACS consulting can help your organization in making strategic planning a more valuable exercise.

A great strategic planning process helps align an organization around its aspirational purpose and helps prioritize initiatives and investments to achieve that purpose.

ACS's approach to strategic planning process considers disruptive industry trends, emerging customer needs, and unanticipated competitor actions to challenge the status quo. The right process frames strategic choices and defines a clear strategic direction with a sequenced road map of initiatives to implement the strategy.

The components that make up an aligned organization

Enterprise Purpose

enterprise purpose

Critical Question


How clearly is the enterprise purpose defined and how well do all the members of management understand the purpose?

Business Strategy

business strategy

Critical Question


How well does the business strategy fulfill the enterprise purpose?

Organizational Capability

organizational capability

Critical Question

How well do the organizational capabilities support delivery of the business strategy? 

Resource Architecture

resource architecture

Critical Question

How well do the available resources enable development of the required organizational capabilities?

Management Systems

management systems

Critical Question

How well do the management systems drive the performance of the valuable resources?


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