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Cyber Security can no longer be ignored, Billions of Dollars are lost every year and must be addressed urgently. From Ransomware attacks to hacking every single company and Government is at risk. However, the biggest challenges are lack of cost effective qualified resources and how to measure if your investment actually improves your Cyber Security. IT-Serve has solutions to both challenges. IT-Serve has qualified and experienced Cyber defense experts and the tools to maximize your Cyber Security and minimize the Cyber Threat to you.

In order to understand how Cyber Security threats can impact your company and what we need to do to minimize the risk, you first need to know where you are and where you would like to be. To this effect IT-Serve and its partner has created the first Global Independent Cyber Threat Index, a unique and free online tool to check where you are on the index in order for you to measure your investments to increase Cyber Security. Based on the free online survey, IT-Serve can further assist in updating your systems to be more resilient against attacks, even providing Managed Security Service to monitor core systems and advising on available Cyber insurances.

One thing to understand is that no one will ever be 100% protected against Cyber Threats but there are cost effective ways to minimize the risks!



In order to improve anything, you need to know where you are. Cyber Threat Index is the only vendor agnostic and truly independent tool to evaluate your current protection against Cyber Intrusion. Once a baseline has been set and only then, can there be a discussion and roadmap to improve defenses against individuals or companies to will try and blackmail, extort and steal data for you. Knowing where you are, will show you where to go.

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IT-Serve Qatar has developed a strong Data Breach Response Team that understand the need and urgency in responding to Cyber Incidents. As data breaches become increasingly complex, IT-Serve Qatar can help our Clients to navigate their responses and ultimately their recovery. A Cyber Breach Coach is an essential part of managing a Cyber Incident, working with our clients to isolate the affected data, notify their customers, retain necessary forensics professionals and manage crisis communications. Despite media coverage of Cyber Breach events, little information is available to help guide organizations through the process of vetting and retaining breach response team members, but IT-Serve Qatar can.

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Getting Cyber Insurance is not an easy process and the premiums can be high if there is no or little information available your Cyber defenses and your readiness. Using Cyber Threat Index as a baseline, IT-Serve Qatar can act as a liaison between you and the Insurance company, not only helping minimize the risks but also lowering the insurance premiums.

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IT-Serve Qatar’s award winning Managed Services platform, allows us to monitor, patch and alert our clients to potential threat, even resolving a situation before it becomes a real Threat. By adhering to strict processes and monitoring all critical systems, IT-Serve Qatar can lower our clients risks by up to 99%. Keep in mind that a virus or vulnerability is know to a hacker or criminal before even Microsoft knows it, so speed and accuracy is essential.

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Using our platforms such as IT-Serve Qatar’s Managed Services tools, Cyber Threat Index and customized monitoring and auditing tools, IT-Serve Qatar can help evaluate our client’s Cyber readiness. Using Cyber Threat Index as our primary baseline tool, IT-Serve Qatar can help our clients evaluate their Cyber Security readiness. Once the Cyber Security Evaluation is compiled, IT-Serve Qatar will work with our clients to implement the necessary changes and advice on further risks thereby maximizing our clients return on investment.

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As part of Cyber Security, IT-Serve Qatar can help custom make and implement Policies and Procedures. Most companies are not aware that majority of Cyber Threats are from simple things like not changing your password or using simple instead of complex password. Policies and Procedures is simplest way to describe our Clients process from Passwords to Data on the laptop.

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